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Edmon Low Library

Access for Persons with Disabilities

The Oklahoma State University Libraries are committed to providing access to materials and services to all members of the OSU community. Listed here are the provisions the Library has made for helping persons with disabilities. If you have specific needs which the Library is not meeting, please contact Roy Degler at 405-744-6541.

Edmon Low Library

Located northwest of the Student Union in the center of campus.
Phone: 405-744-9729

Wheelchair Access

  • Reserved parking spaces are located in a number of parking lots around campus.
  • Wheelchair access is at the north doors where power-assisted doors are available.

Rest Rooms and Public Telephones

  • Wheelchair-accessible rest rooms are on the 1st floor(east for women and west for men).
  • Courtesy phones are across from the Circulation and Information Desk. If you need TDD services, ask at the Circulation and Information Desk.

Retrieving Library Materials and Photocopy Assistance

  • If you are unable to retrieve library materials from the shelves or if you need assistance using the photocopy machines, ask for help at the Circulation and Information Desk or any available library employee.
  • For long lists of materials, retrieval of all items may take up to 24 hours. We will retrieve top priority items first.

Public Conference Rooms

  • There are study rooms in the library that are available by appointment. Contact the Circulation and Information Desk, 1st floor 405-744-6812 to schedule rooms.

Library's Online Catalog Access

  • Wheelchair-accessible internet workstations are available on the 1st floor.
  • For Students Only: Laptops, loaded with the same software used in campus computer labs, are available for five-hour checkout periods at the Circulation and Information Desk.
  • If you need help with keyboarding or reading the computer screen, ask for assistance at the Circulation and Information Desk on 1st and 5thfloors.

ADA Computer Access

  • Equipment is provided on the 1st floor, Room 105 so that users with special needs may fully utilize library computers.
  • This "ADA Computer Access Equipment" includes a computer on an adjustable table with various keyboards, pointing equipment, printers, scanners and a CCTV.
  • Software installed includes a web browser, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, EasyReader, JAWS, MAGic, OPENBook and ReadWrite Gold.

John Rex Cunningham Architecture Library

  • 160 Architecture. 405-744-6047.
  • Reserved parking spaces are in the parking lot across Athletic Avenue.
  • Enter through the west door.

William E. Brock Memorial Library in the Center for Veterinary Health Services

  • 102 McElroy Hall. 405-744-6655.
  • One reserved parking space is behind the building.
  • Enter through the front or back entrance.

Mary L. Williams Education and Teaching Library

  • 001 Willard Hall. 405-744-6310.
  • Reserved parking spaces are available in the parking lot north of the building.
  • Enter through the north doors.

Other Services on Campus

  • Student Disability Services (315 Student Union) 405-744-7116, offers access to speech synthesis devices for computer and print information, enlarged text readers for computer and print materials, equipment loan (e.g. TDD, tape recorders), access to assistive technology (JAWS, WYNN, ZoomText, Dragon Naturally Speaking), and provides classroom/academic accommodations.
  • For other computer labs on campus that have assistive technology, contact OSU's Student Disability Services 405-744-7116.