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Edmon Low Library

Library Auxiliary Building

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Due to unscheduled maintenance, Library personnel have limited access to LAB materials. If you need materials housed in the LAB, you may request these items via Interlibrary Loan, and we will attempt to secure them from a partner library.

Materials scheduled for re-location to the LAB

During the comment period, anyone in the University Community can request any item be reconsidered for remaining in the Edmon Low Library by completing the Reconsideration Form.

Reasons for Sending Material to the LAB

  1. Space – the primary reason for sending materials to the LAB is to provide adequate space for high-use material and new print acquisitions.
  2. Low use – circulation records provide a clear history of an item’s use, but low use or potential low use can be surmised for the following categories:
    • Item that have been superseded by more recent editions or electronic editions
    • Items in subject areas with no current teaching or research relevance
    • Older items in disciplines that rely chiefly on recently published material
  3. Preservation – the controlled environment of the LAB makes it the optimal place to shelve fragile or damaged items
  4. Security – the LAB is an appropriate choice for shelving materials that are valuable or at risk of theft or mutilation

Selection Criteria

The following criteria represent general guidelines. The criteria concerning date of publication, circulation records, and date of entry into the collection will be used to generate reports for relocation of selection materials. Criteria may include (but not be limited to):

  • Print (bound) serials - serials duplicated with electronic subscriptions
  • Print books
    • Duplicate copies
    • Print books duplicated in electronic format (example: HathiTrust)
    • Print books that haven’t circulated in 15 years
    • Print books in poor condition needing special care/preservation
    • Print books published prior to 1940 (older than 75 years)
  • Material identified as fragile, in Special Collections and University Archives, or Government Documents Dept.

Department Staff

Negelein, Robert
Seagraves, Mark

Contact Information

Library Auxiliary Building
Library Auxiliary Building
Library Auxiliary Building
Stillwater, OK 74078
P: 405-744-4248