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Angie Debo Photo Collection

About the Collection

Angie Debo was a historian who researched and wrote primarily about the Five Nations, Geronimo and the history of Native Americans and Oklahoma. She also was a teacher, pastor and director of the Federal Writers Project in Oklahoma. From 1947-1955 she was curator of maps at Oklahoma A&M College, now Oklahoma State University. After retirement in 1955 she wrote, lectured, traveled, researched family histories, served on the boards of directors of the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Association on American Indian Affairs, made surveys for the Indian Rights Association, and lobbied for land rights for Alaska Natives and for water rights for the Havasupai and Pima in Arizona. She authored nine books, edited three, co-authored another, wrote many chapters, articles and forewords, and presented numerous papers on Native Americans and Oklahoma history.

The Angie Debo Collection contains more than 1,300 photographs dealing with her writings and personal life. These photographs are now all available digitally in this collection. In the physical collection housed in the Archives, all photographs were relocated and integrated into one file. Debo's photographs in folders were photocopied and the photocopies with linking notes to the actual photo were placed where the photograph was originally found. Photographs that she kept in boxes and drawers were not photocopied or linked to an original location.

Each photocopy and original has a note of the original location, beginning with a 'b'. In addition, each photograph, regardless of where it was located, has an indication of its final location, beginning with a ‘B'. The letters ‘b' and ‘B' indicate the box, and ‘f' the folder. The letters and accompanying numbers are followed by dot and another number; the latter number indicates the order of the specific photograph within the folder.

All photographs are interfiled in boxes 63, 64 and 65, regardless of the original location. Arrangement is by identified individuals and broad topics. Duplicates have been retained; most additional copies are not on the microfilm. The photographs are on reels 84 and 85 of the microfilm. When filming, a special process was used in order to assure continuous tonal quality of the photographs on the microfilm.

The descriptions in this supplemental finding aid for the Angie Debo Papers, Collection No. 88-013, and information regarding the availability of negatives are available in a machine-readable database in the OSU Archives. The description also includes size [in inches] and a note whether the photo is black and white (bw) or color (c).

Access the Physical Collection

These materials are housed in the Archives. They can be consulted by appointment in the Archives office (2nd floor) of the Edmon Low Library at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma. For more information please contact the Archives at 405-744-6311 or

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