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Kenton Collection

Kenton Collection

About the Kenton Collection

The Kenton Collection represents approximately 275 images from the Kenton Museum located in Kenton, Oklahoma. In addition to the photos displayed on this website, the collection consists of an inventory of grave markers in the Kenton Cemetery, which served as a source for the spellings of many names and dates used in the creation of the metadata, and a number of audio interviews, which was a source of more information about the photographs. The collection depicts the rich history of this panhandle township.

Kenton is known for its prehistoric fossil discoveries and pictographs as well as the location of the state's high point (4,973 feet above sea level). Located in the northwest corner of Cimarron County, Kenton is the only town in Oklahoma that is on Mountain Time. While the website is the work of the Oklahoma State University Library, the photographs are the property of the Kenton Museum and various individuals who donated their photographs to the Museum. Some images displayed on the site have been digitally repaired and enhanced to improve the viewing experience.

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