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Edmon Low Library

Teacher/Parent Resources

Through funding provided by the Angie Debo Fund and The Women's Archives at Oklahoma State University, the OSU Library has been able to distribute approximately 3,000 copies of Indians, Outlaws, and Angie Debo to school libraries, public libraries, academic libraries, and tribal libraries throughout Oklahoma. In order to better facilitate use of the DVD by students, we are providing the following links to materials that can be used by teachers or parents when showing and discussing the documentary.


These games, exercises, and questions have been developed specifically for Indians, Outlaws, and Angie Debo by Latasha Wilson of the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program at OSU. Some are designed to keep students engaged while watching the DVD, while others provide discussion frameworks and classroom activities for use after the viewing. Click here to view the relevant statewide PASS (Priority Academic Student Skills) objectives addressed by the exercises.

The Oklahoman's Newspapers in Education Project

During the fall semester of 2009, the Oklahoma Politics class at OSU created a curriculum supplement entitled "Angie Debo's Oklahoma." Presented in the form of lessons with an accompanying teacher's guide, the project was developed for The Oklahoman's Newspapers in Education Project, which provides classroom materials for schools throughout the state. The Oklahoma Politics course was taught that semester by Dr. Bob Darcy, Regents Professor of Political Science and Statistics, and Burns Hargis, OSU President. The undergraduates in the course worked together to author the material that is offered in the supplement, which is hosted on The Oklahoman's website. Most of the lessons and activities the class created revolve around books authored or edited by Angie Debo, thus providing information on some of her many publications.