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Edmon Low Library

Visitor Count

Current Visitors: 0

Less than 300

Not too crowded: You’ll find some areas, like the printing stations could be a bit busy, but you should find short waits for services and plenty of seating throughout the building.


Getting crowded: You will likely find popular areas like the first and second floor to be a bit crowded, and you may have to wait for a computer or printer. Seating should be available, but you may have to check other floors.


Crowded: It’s busy at the Library right now! Plan for lines at computers and printers. It may be difficult to find a seat, especially if you have a favorite spot. Please respect your fellow visitors and share larger tables.

More than 1,000

Nearing seating capacity: There are currently enough visitors in the building to make finding a seat difficult. You might want to consider visiting another time.

*The current visitor total displayed on the homepage shows a real-time count of everyone in the Edmon Low Library. This number includes employees, visitors, students in classrooms, as well as vendors and other workers.