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Edmon Low Library

Oklahoma Oral History Research Program

The Oklahoma Oral History Research Program (OOHRP) was founded in 2007 as part of the Oklahoma State University Library, with the goal of documenting and making accessible the history of Oklahoma and OSU through oral history interviews.

In written versions of history, the contributions and perspectives of many individuals and groups are left undocumented, and details and nuances are often excluded from the record. The methodology of oral history allows researchers to fill some of the gaps by interviewing individuals about their firsthand experiences and then making that material available to researchers and the general public. By educating students, faculty, and community members in the methods and ethical standards of oral history, the OOHRP promotes the collection, preservation and analysis of interview-based research.

The program is also an arm of OSU's Center for Oklahoma Studies and has a number of ongoing projects pertaining to the state's history.

Department Staff

Brown, Autumn
Caine, Tracy
Daglaris, Patrick
Finchum, Tanya
Milligan, Sarah (Head)
Neurohr, Karen
Pearson-Little Thunder, Julie
White, Micki

Contact Information

Oklahoma Oral History Research Program
207 Library
Edmon Low Library
Stillwater, OK 74078
P: 405-744-7685