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3D Printing Internship




Our team in the Edmon Low Creative Studios is seeking a CREATIVE STUDIOS INTERN to work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students in the library.  The Creative Studios include 3D printers, a presentation recording studio, professional audio mixing and recording equipment, as well as high powered Apple and Windows based workstations each installed with professional multimedia and editing software.  This position will provide the opportunity for an intern to gain hands-on experience with emerging technologies and how they can be applied in higher education.  The CREATIVE STUDIOS INTERN will work side by side with our technology specialist and will educate, train, and assess library patrons in the procedures associated with digital multimedia and 3D fabrication.


The intern will assist in the development and implementation of the Creative Studios as a platform for academic success.  This will include facilitating reservations for 3D workshops as well as creating, maintaining, and distributing training materials. The intern will also work collaboratively with OSU faculty, staff, and students to explore new possibilities for creative digital technology.  And, he/she will participate will collaborative projects between the Creative Studios and other library departments. 

The intern should be comfortable applying skillful input to a variety of patron projects, collaborating on new techniques and applications for potential expansion. The candidate needs to possess a basic understanding of creative software applications including audio, video, and 3D modeling, as well as the fundamental operations of various digital devices.

The candidate will assist patrons in the development of their capstone assignments, presentation materials, instructional tools, or any other academic endeavor that utilizes the Creative Studios.  The intern will also work with Ex Libris’ ALMA and Springshare software applications to schedule reservations in the studios, as well as booking competency assessments and instructional sessions. The intern may be asked to perform other duties as assigned.

The intern will work around 10-15 hours per week during the fall semester. Hours will be scheduled Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Some special project hours may be available during the summer depending on schedule.

Employment as an intern is on a semester by semester basis. Continued employment is contingent on funding and performance. This position is not eligible for credit for any major.






Projects created by the intern may be used in demonstrations and teaching in the Creative Studios.


Required Qualifications:

  • Any major will be considered
  • Basic understanding of audio and video recording equipment
  • General knowledge of 3D printers and their functionality
  • Broad knowledge of various multimedia applications and editing tools
  • Willingness to expand their horizons in creative applications and technology
  • Ability to work collaboratively and maintain professional decorum in an environment based on cooperation, creativity, and instruction
  • Exceptional communication and customer service skills are crucial; work will be in a fast-paced, professional environment

Desired Qualifications:

  • Major in engineering, architecture, aviation, design, or related
  • Previous experience with 3D printing
  • Thorough hands-on experience (personal or professional) with 3D printers and/or audio and video recording equipment
  • Thorough knowledge of digital software applications including but not limited to: Blender, SolidWorks, Makerbot Desktop, Adobe CC, Final Cut Pro, Audacity
  • Willingness to appear and/or speak on camera for library promotional videos
  • Willingness to assist with informational sessions and/or workshops demonstrating digital technology and techniques
  • Enthusiasm for learning new and emerging aspects of digital media and a willingness to teach others


More about this Internship


  • The intern will gain experience comparing and discussing ideas with OSU faculty and staff concerning advancement and development in the Creative Studios
  • The intern will gain experience collaborating with patrons on projects involving audio/video recording and editing, as well as developing best practices for the studios
  • The intern will learn to design and print prototypes and objects that can be used in real world applications, thus furthering their academic and professional development
  • The intern will learn to instruct others on 3D modeling and printing techniques, as well as troubleshooting and machine maintenance

Benefits for the student:

  • The student will gain real world experience collaborating with and instructing diverse groups of students, non-traditional students, majors, age groups, ethnicities, and classifications in the OSU community
  • He or she will be exposed to emerging forms of technology that are in early and limited stages of consumer availability
  • The student will learn to schedule and keep appointments in a fast-paced, professional environment, preparing them for future employment
  • The student will learn to effectively communicate complex technological information to users with all levels of experience
  • The student will learn to utilize innovative technologies and will be actively involved in the process, as well as experiencing the vast range of end-user diversity in creative technological endeavors
  • The student will complete the internship with a portfolio of items suitable to present to potential employers
  • The student will gain thorough practical knowledge of the 3D fabrication process which will prove invaluable as the technology continues to advance
  • The student will learn to incorporate real constraints (i.e. size, dimensions, weight, structural components, material use, etc.) into the 3D design and printing process
  • The student will learn to work in a team environment and develop troubleshooting and creative problem solving skills

Application Instructions:

Only complete applications will be considered. Applicants must submit:

Priority consideration will be given to applications received before June 3rd.

For additional information, please visit or contact the Dean's Office at 744-9725.