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Edmon Low Library

Moved Collections

McCasland Collection

Starting with the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, the area comprising what more than a century later would become the state of Oklahoma, was mapped extensively. Between 1803 and 1925 more than 1,000 political, expedition, geographical, meteorological, and topographical maps of the Oklahoma region were produced and included in the American State Papers and the U.S. Congressional Serial Set. Generous funding from the McCasland Foundation of Duncan, Oklahoma has made possible the digitization, display, and long-term physical and digital preservation of the maps found on the website.

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OKState Yearbook Collection

For 81 years, from 1910 to 1991, Oklahoma State University published an annual volume of student clubs, activities, accomplishments, poems, sketches and inside jokes. Each one served as a time capsule for its year. Now Cowboys, past and present, can flip through the pages of all 81 volumes virtually.

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Russal Brawley Collection

Russal Brawley, a 1963 Civil Engineering alumnus from Oklahoma State University, donated 26 maps to the Edmon Low Library for inclusion in the digital maps collection. These maps are mostly depictions of Oklahoma and Indian Territory from 1827 to 1920.

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USGS Collection

The U. S. Geological Survey Map digital Collection dates from 1892 to the 1950's. Three hundred of the older maps produced by the U. S. Geological Survey during both the territorial and statehood time of Oklahoma and Indian Territory have been digitized. Plans are underway to include all the more current maps of the agency. Names of towns, rivers and streams, railroads, schoolhouses, etc. are indicated in the map metadata.

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WPA Collection

During 1935 and 1936, the Works Progress Administration and the Oklahoma Tax Commission produced over 2,400 maps to determine the value of real estate. The maps are arranged by county and indicate the owner of all the farmland in each county. Each map has the Township and Range indication and is normally a full 6 by 6 mile section. Names of towns, rivers, and railroads are indicated in the map metadata. Names of individual owners of land have not been added to the database.

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