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Pistol Pete Alumni

Pistol Pete Alumni - By Year

Year Student Mascot
1958-59Charles Lester
1959-60Bill F. Smith
1960-61Curtis Manley
1961-62Pete Fay and David Davis
1962-63Ed Dobson and Bill Wehner
1963-64Gene Dorris and Joe Sullivan
1964-65Ed Dobson and Jim Bates
1965-66Phil Glasgow
1966-67Steve Costello and Mitch Dobson
1967-68Bill Johnson and Dale Clark
1968-69Bill Johnson
1969-70Bill Johnson
1970-71Bill Johnson, William Ransdell and Ned Kessler
1971-72William Ransdell and Richard Forshee
1972-73Gary Bridwell and Mike Martin
1973-74Joe Elsener and William E. Beckman
1974-75Tom Bennett and Mark Whitlaw
1975-76Mark Whitlaw and Joe Semtner
1976-77John Michael Entz and Rick Dillard
1977-78Rick Dillard and Wendall Hicks
1978-79Dwain Gibson and Larry McAlister
1979-80Scott Kirley and Kelley Greene
1980-81Kurt Carter and Don Giles
1981-82Don Giles and Shane LaDuke
1982-83Shane LaDuke and Rob Reynolds
1983-84Rob Reynolds and Jesse Lancaster
1984-85David Treece and Rick Wilson
1985-86Rick Wilson* and Scott Petty
1986-87Scott Petty and Scott Noble
1987-88Lance Millis and Jack Franks
1988-89Matt Ketchum and John Price
1989-90John Price and Kent Walstad
1990-91Billy Sigman and Chris Moody
1991-92Billy Sigman and Trey Stewart
1992-93Trey Stewart and Brad Chelf
1993-94Vince Kirkes and Chris Carroll
1994-95Vince Kirkes and Jeff Walls
1995-96Ryan Stafford* and Cody Eden*
1996-97Ryan Stafford* and Matt Ralls*
1997-98Matt Ralls and Brock Allen
1998-99Preston Williams* and Rhett Minson*
1999-00Rhett Minson and Rob Neville
2000-01Wes Magill* and Joe Winchester*
2001-02Tyler Mullman* and Stormy Phillips*
2002-03Jason Hynson and Steven Sturgeon
2003-04Josh Pulver** and Jared Wiley**
2004-05Josh Pulver** and Jared Wiley**
2005-06Brett Adkins* and Eric Stroud*
2006-07Cale Walker** and Ryan Nickel**
2007-08Michael Harris** and Ryan Nickel**
2008-09Matt Barnes* and Rhys Gay*
2009-10Josh Bailey* and Derick Dillard*
2010-11Derick Dillard* and Wyatt Swinford*
2011-12Jordan Northcutt** and Taylor Venus**
2012-13Austin Bowles** and Dillon Craig**
2013-14Austin Bowles** and Landon Stallings**
2014-15Landon Stallings** and Preston Whitlaw**
2015-16Preston Whitlaw** and Taylor Collins**
2016-17Taylor Collins and Austin Johnson
2017-18Kyle Foreman and Steven Vekony
2018-19Steven Vekony and Kevin Osborn
2019-20Kevin Osborn and Hunter Thomas
2020-21Michael Albright and Parker Wilson
2021-22Michael Albright and Parker Wilson
2022-23Cooper Price and Traber Smithson**

** Selected as All-American and Most Collegiate Mascot

* Selected as an All-American Mascot

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