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Edmon Low Library

Oklahoma Conservation Heritage Oral History Collection

Welcome to the Oklahoma Conservation Heritage Collection

About the Collection

The Oklahoma Conservation Heritage Collection is a series of interviews with people involved in the conservation of natural resources in the state. Throughout the state’s history Oklahomans have struggled with extreme weather from drought and the Dust Bowl to devastating flooding. Conservation efforts to combat soil erosion, protect land and communities from flooding, and improve water quality have been a vital part of our state’s history.

A long-standing government partnership involving USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (federal), the Oklahoma Conservation Commission (state) and Conservation Districts (local) have been responsible for working with landowners and land users to install conservation practices on the ground. The interviews in this collection focus on individuals whose careers were devoted to the conservation of Oklahoma’s natural resources. The interviews were conducted in partnership and sponsorship with the Oklahoma Conservation Historical Society with funding provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. More archival material from this history can be found at the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Oklahoma Oral History Research Program
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