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image of Oklahoma A&M College World War I

Oklahoma A&M College World War I

About the Collection

This collection was created as an exercise in collecting the memories and experiences of the men and women of Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College (OAMC) who served in World War I. The project was organized by Maude Cass, the editor of the 1919 college yearbook, Professor Maroney of the Department of History, Margaret Walters, Librarian, and OAMC President J.W. Cantwell. A letter and a survey was sent out to each person who served in the War to gather information about their war experience.

Surveys were returned, often with photographs of the service member. In some cases, family members or personnel wrote letters in addition to or in lieu of the survey; in some cases, the survey was filled out by the family rather than the service member. Once the surveys were returned, Cass and the yearbook staff compiled the 1919 publication including names, ranks and branches of service.
In total, there were 1,109 men and women from OAMC who fought in the War. There were an additional 332 men who were enrolled in OAMC's Student Army Training Corps during the War, bringing the total number of students and alumni involved in the War to 1,441. Of those 1,441 men and women, 28 died in service.

This digital collection contains over 400 surveys that were returned to OAMC in 1919. Included in this collection are photographs, letters, and news clippings that were sent in with the surveys.

Digitization Process

Scanning of this project began on September 28, 2011, and was completed on November 8, 2011. The scanning team included Sarah Coates, Kelsey Sievers and Amanda McCrossen.

Metadata was entered by Coates, Sievers, Stormy Crabtree, and Emily Burgard. Initial metadata was completed in December 2011, with Coates editing and standardizing the metadata in January 2012. After initial scanning was completed and the metadata was entered, Coates completed this digital collection as part of her requirements for her Master's in Library and Information Studies at the University of Oklahoma. For her project, Coates compiled the website, created the map, edited metadata, created the banner, and loaded the images into the Viewshare software program to make the project live.

Access the Physical Collection

The materials in this collection, except where noted, come from the President's Papers collection held in the Archives department of Oklahoma State University Libraries. In addition, OSU Libraries has a great deal of material related to World War I. You can see our holdings at our catalog by searching for World War, 1914-1918 as a subject search.

These materials are housed in the Archives. They can be consulted by appointment in the Archives office (2nd floor) of the Edmon Low Library at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma. For more information please contact the Archives at 405-744-6311 or

The Archives at the OSU Library
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