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Edmon Low Library

Dust, Drought, and Dreams Gone Dry

Between 2000 and 2001 interviews were conducted with more than one hundred women individually and in groups who lived through the Dust Bowl, primarily in the seven western-most counties of Oklahoma, where the Dust Bowl hit the hardest. Principal investigators Steven Kite, Shelly Lemons, and Jennifer Paustenbaugh of the Oklahoma State University Library uncovered memories of good and hard times, of the WPA, President Roosevelt, the challenges of domestic life during the Dirty Thirties, rabbit drives, gypsies, Saturday evenings in town, and lives full of dust. Step back in time and listen to Dust, Drought and Dreams Gone Dry: Oklahoma Women and the Dust Bowl Oral History Project.

For more information about this project, contact the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program at 405-744-7685 or e-mail

Oklahoma Oral History Research Program
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Oklahoma State University
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