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Centennial Histories Series

Centennial Histories Collection
Centennial Histories Collection


The Centennial Histories Project began with a vision. It would be a series of books that would acknowledge and honor in special ways "the lives and deeds" of all who shared in and served OSU during its first 100 years. Over a period of more than a decade, hundreds of people contributed their time and talents in producing twenty-five volumes about their University. The vision became a reality. From early, uncertain steps into previously uncharted areas, a coordinated, high quality Centennial Histories series of books were produced.


Much appreciation is extended to Oklahoma State University and administrative heads who obtained funds and shared in the production of one or more Centennial Histories Project Volumes. Joseph W. Alexander, Ronald S. Beer, Harry W. Birdwell, James H. Boggs, Charles B. Browning, Kenneth M. Chance, Beverly Crabtree, E. E. Davidson, Norman N. Durham, Jerry B. Farley, Jerry L. Gill, J. O. Grantham, Smith L. Holt, Jr., James E. Hooper, James G. Hromas, Christine A. Jackson, Edward R. Johnson, Elaine D. Jorgenson, Charles L. Jobin, Kenneth L. King, Robert E. Klabenes, Kenneth A. McCollom, Wayne W. Miller, Patrick M. Morgan, Marlene D. Nelson, Charles E. Platt, Richard W. Poole, Karl N. Reid, Jr., Donald W. Robinson, Myron W. Roderick, Dale E. Ross, Robert L. Sandmeyer, and Richard A. Young. Robert B. Kamm Former President of OSU and Director of the Centennial Histories Project Among the many people who assumed multiple responsibilities in the Centennial Histories Project were Ralph L. Hamilton (center), long-time OSU Public Information Office Head, LeRoy H. Fischer (right) from History and Eric I. Williams (left) from Veterinary Medicine, each of whom served as a member of the Centennial Histories Committee, as well as the author of a full project volume. (Photo courtesy of OSU Agricultural Communication Department, Todd Johnson photographer) Forward The Centennial Histories Project of Oklahoma State University is a unique achievement in several aspects No other higher education institution in the United States or throughout the world has undertaken or completed a publishing project of these proportions relating its history at the time of an anniversary. As a result, the history of OSU has been studied as a whole in greater research and analytical depth than that of any other higher educational institution anywhere. All books in the Project, except for the picture volume, break new ground for portraying the history of higher educational institutions. These one-of-a-kind format volumes remain as examples of scholarly research studies not duplicated elsewhere. The books also serve as prototypes for similar studies in other higher educational institutions. The books of the Centennial Histories Project mirror much of higher educational, political, industrial, economic, and racial history of the territory and state of oklahoma. The volumes also clearly define the wide range of operations and the vast impact of Oklahoma State University, as well as to delineate its role as a land-grant institution on local, state, national, and international levels. The books of the Project likewise bring to maturity the idea that OSU in indeed rich in history and much concerned about it past while giving a high degree of attention to its present and future. Finally, the twenty-five volumes of the Project will long remain the unequaled and enduring frontier of knowledge heirloom of the Centennial of the University.