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Edmon Low Library

Flat, Cool & Acid-Free

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Welcome to "Flat, Cool and Acid Free," an okstate archives podcast. Bringing you stories about Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma. To learn more about the stories you hear on the podcast visit us here to find show notes and related resources.

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Newly Digitized - Naming Ceremony of the Edmon Low Library

We dedicate this to you, Edmon Low.

Culture Keepers

Are the Archives culture keepers?

Collection 001

This one is for the typographers, the printers, the artist and the constantly curious. Kicking off the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Edmon Low Library, let's explore the first collection the Archives received.

The Cobb Speaker Series

A look into the history of the H. Louise & H.E. "Ed" Cobb Speaker Series

Changing Housing Rules on Campus

Join Digital Storytelling Intern Libby Whitlow as she observes the changes OSU has made to its residential housing policies and how that narrative intertwines with equality on campus.

Protests at OSU

Join Digital Storytelling Intern Libby Whitlow as she follows some of OSU's biggest organized movements and smaller acts of dissent to see potential threads between protests throughout the University's history.

Naked and on the Strip

On this episode, Taylor Hatheway, Digital Storytelling Intern, discusses the once popular tradition of Streaker Night at OSU.

Angie Debo's Christmas Letters

On this episode of Flat, Cool & Acid-free, Libby Whitlow and Kurt Anderson discuss Angie Debo's Christmas letters.

Enrich Your Sense Of Place

Tag along as I walk with Dr. Rich Frohock and #okstate honors students to learn a bit of Stillwater history and the inspiration behind the Downtown Stillwater Walking Tour

Recording OSU History

On this episode, Libby Whitlow, Digital Storytelling Intern, chats with David Peters, Head of the Archives, about how history was recorded at OSU and some of the challenges in archiving materials from the past.

The Infamous Elsie Hand

Elsie Denton Hand’s departure from OAMC was marked with confusion and controversy. How did her OAMC career come to such a contentious end and what really happened to the infamous Elsie Hand?

Stillwater Sightseeing Tour of 1965

In 1965, a group of Oklahoma A & M graduates from the class of 1915 gathered on campus to celebrate their 50th anniversary. On May 22, 1965 a bus carried the group though greater Stillwater and into the heart of Oklahoma A & M showing the relationship between the town and the campus. Weldon Barnes, director of Public Information led the tour. David Peters, Head of the Archives at Oklahoma State University looked over a transcript of the tour and a map of Stillwater and charted out a modern day path to recreate the adventure. Our tour will take place over two episodes of Flat Cool and Acid-free.

Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 Collection

Lynn Wallace, director of Oklahoma State University - Tulsa Library and David Peters, Head of the OSU Archives talk with Olivia Turner about the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 Collection housed at the OSU Tulsa Library.

The Spanish Flu of 1918 at OAMC

Looking back at the impact the Spanish flu of 1918 had at OAMC.

Transcribing Angie Debo's Diaries

Transcribing Angie Debo's 30 years of letters and journal entries: A project inspired by the challenges of a pandemic.

The Library of Circus Music

A look into modern circus music created by Matt Margucci.

Henry Bellmon

A chat about the life and career of Henry Bellmon.


Sometimes the process by which the OSU Archives gets materials is a bit of an adventure and sometimes it can be a bit messy. David Peters, head of the OSU Archives, and Ben Hedges, senior archive technician, highlight the 4 ways the OSU Archives receives items.

Archival Storytelling

Meet Ben, the senior archive technician in the OSU Archives. Ben is a storyteller, processing collections and organizing them so that researchers have access to a more complete story using Archives' material. Ben is currently pursuing a Master's of Library Science degree at University of Missouri.

Behind the Door

In this episode of Flat, Cool & Acid-free, David talks about a dusty discovery in the Archives.

Jazz at OSU

Discover how the Jazz sound came to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.

The OSU Library Fountain

Listen in as we explore the details of the iconic Library fountain located on the OSU-Stillwater campus.

Publications of OSU

From agricultural experiment station reports to STATE magazine, Kurt Anderson, researcher for the Oklahoma State University Archives, and David Peters, head of the OSU Archives, talk about campus publications.

Legends and Mysteries

David Peters, Sarah Milligan and Samantha Mackey talk about legends and mysteries of OSU. Sarah talks about her love for folklore and how to evaluate and research the story.

Museums and Archives

On this episode, David Peters and I talk with Christina Elliott and Carla Shelton from the OSU Museum of Art and we explore the links between museums and archives.

OSU History Every Cowboy Should Know

From the OAMC name change to waving wheat, Samantha Mackey, Archives Digital Storytelling intern, and David Peters, head of the University Archives, discuss historical facts about OSU that every Cowboy should know.

Women of OSU

In this episode of Flat, Cool & Acid-free, learn about the women of OSU with Bonnie Cain-Wood and David Peters.

Student Union

In this episode of Flat, Cool & Acid-free, learn about OSU's Student Union with Bonnie Cain-Wood and David Peters.


In this episode of Flat, Cool & Acid-free, Samantha Mackey and David Peters cover the history of agriculture at Oklahoma State University.

The Chilocco History Project

In this episode of Flat, Cool & Acid-free, learn about the Chilocco History Project. The project started as a way to document the stories of veteran alumni, but it quickly grew into a much larger project.

International Programs at OSU

In this episode of Flat, Cool & Acid-free, learn about the history of international programs at OSU.

Athletic Traditions at OSU

In this episode of Flat, Cool & Acid-free, learn about athletic traditions at OSU, including the origins of Pistol Pete as our mascot.

Signature Sounds of OSU Stillwater

On this episode, David Peters and I highlight what makes Stillwater and the OSU campus sound so uniquely beautiful and a bit of history behind the sounds.

The Sounds of a Place

Hear music by Oklahoma fiddlers captured for a 1979 thesis by Jim Renner and explore the cultural impact of the "sounds of a place" with Sarah Milligan, Head of the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program.

Paul Miller

As a prominent figure for both the Associated Press and Gannett Company during WWII and the Cold War, Paul Miller distinguishes himself as a true American journalist and witness to history.

Stillwater Beginnings

Take a look back at the establishment of Stillwater and its Land-Grant University.


Hear how WWII impacted Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College (now Oklahoma State University) on this episode of Flat, Cool & Acid-free.

Secrets of the Century

Explore the secrets of the century left to us by students, faculty, staff and visitors to OSU during a festive celebration in 1941. Find other digital collections in the OSU Archives on the Library website under the heading Digital Collections.

Angie Debo

On this month's episode of Flat, Cool and Acid-free we talk about all things Angie Debo and hear a few entries from her personal journals.

Changes to Campus

The Oklahoma State University campus has seen many transitions through the years. David Peters and Chrishayla Smith explore buildings that are no longer standing but still live in our hearts and some of the structures that you still see on campus today.

The Archives Is Where We Keep The Weird Stuff

On this episode, we hear from David Peters, the Head of the Oklahoma State University Archives, talk about the archives and story behind the name flat, cool and acid free.