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Edmon Low Library

Episode 89: OSU Student Union

Amplified Oklahoma Show Notes

May 17, 2024

When alumni and administrators alike are asked about their favorite memories at Oklahoma State in their interviews with us, one building seems to stand taller than the others. That building is the Student Union. It all started in 1937, when President Henry Bennett proposed the union within a campus-wide construction plan. Students at the time were thrilled at the idea of a gathering place right in the heart of campus, so they rushed to fund the project. The 4.3-million-dollar project was funded entirely by a self-imposed student tax. Since its completion in the early 1950s, the OSU Student Union has served as the main campus gathering place with more than one million visitors passing through its doors every year.

This month, we’re taking a walk down memory lane with the student union as we listen to both administrators and students share memories about the beloved union and its role on the OSU campus. We’ll also hear from current Student Union director Tracie Brown as she talks about how the union serves students to this day.

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Kennedy Skaggs