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Amplified Oklahoma

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The OSU Library launched its first podcast, Amplified Oklahoma, in May 2016. The Library podcasts tell stories about people in Oklahoma. To learn more about the stories you hear on the podcast visit us here to find show notes and related resources.

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Episode 90: Oklahoma Centennial Farms

This month on Amplified Oklahoma, we’re highlighting farms from our “Centennial Farm Families” oral history project.

Episode 89: OSU Student Union

In this episode, we’re taking a walk down memory lane with the student union as we listen to both administrators and students share memories about the beloved union and its role on the OSU campus.

Episode 88: 1947 Woodward Tornado

This month, we’re listening to residents recall their memories of the deadliest tornado in Oklahoma history, as well as the warning systems that have since been developed.

Episode 87: Activism in Education during the Civil Rights Movement

In this episode, we’re exploring stories from the Oklahoma Activism in Education during the Civil Rights Movement oral history project.

Episode 86: Cowboys in Every County

This month, we share stories from our Cowboys in Every County project that exemplify the Cowboy Code, from dreaming big to standing strong in the face of adversity.

Episode 85: Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame - Marcia Mitchell

In this episode, we’re highlighting Marcia Mitchell, an inductee of the Oklahoma Women’s Hall of Fame and founder of the nonprofit Little Light House which focuses on early intervention education for students with special needs.

Episode 84: On a Dime

This month, we’re highlighting stories from our collections about dimes, from what they were spent on, to what memories people associate with them.

Episode 83: Women Agricultural Extension Educators

In this episode, we’re exploring the evolution of women’s experiences as County Extension Agents between the late 1950s and early 2000s, from strict gender roles to increased leadership opportunities.

Episode 82: 100 Years of Pistol Pete

This month, we’re exploring memories of Pistol Pete, from personal experiences with Frank Eaton to what it means to wear the suit, and what Pete means to people today.

Episode 81: Muskogee African American Heritage

In this episode, we’re exploring the memories of African American residents of Muskogee from booming businesses to the Manual Training School to the changes that came with desegregation.

Episode 80: Oklahoma's Conservation Heritage

This month, we’ll talk about Oklahoma’s Conservation Heritage, from water conservation to soil health, and the many ways Oklahomans have worked to care for the land in a way that will preserve it for many years to come.

Episode 79: Gallagher-Iba

In this episode, we’ll learn about the two giants of the game, from their innovative coaching styles to their unique personalities.

Episode 78: Summer Activities

This month, we’re exploring some of the exciting and unique summer memories in our collections.

Episode 77: Oklahoma 2018 Education Walkouts

In this episode, we’ll hear seven Oklahoma teachers tell their stories from the Oklahoma 2018 Education Walkouts oral history project.

Episode 76: Remebering Henry Bellmon

This month, we’re delving into our Remembering Henry Bellmon collection to get to know the man who holds an honored place in Oklahoma history.

Episode 75: Teacher-Poets Writing to Bridge the Distance

In this episode, we’re showcasing teacher-poets as they read aloud poems written during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 74: Dance and Romance

This month, we’ll hear stories from eight couples who were brought together by dance. Whether meeting at an OSU fraternity dance or a rural barn dance, these couples found love by cutting a rug.

Episode 73: History of the OSU Library

In this episode, we explore the history of the many libraries of Oklahoma State University over the years.

Episode 72: Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame - Dr. Valree Fletcher Wynn

This month, we’re highlighting Dr. Valree Fletcher Wynn, an inductee of the Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame and trailblazer in the field of education as both a student and a teacher in Oklahoma.

Episode 71: Cherokee Language

This month we’re hear about the life experiences of four native Cherokee speakers, from starting school without knowing a word of English to becoming teachers and advocates of the Cherokee language today

Episode 70: Impressions from the COVID-19 Pandemic

This month, we're highlighting educators, students, and healthcare workers as they describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives.

Episode 69: President Henry G. Bennett

In this episode. we’re talking all about Henry Bennett, from his personal life to how he helped make OSU what it is today.

Episode 68: Route 66 in Oklahoma

This month, we’ll explore how the U.S. Highway system came to be, how Route 66 got its name, and what kind of Route 66 attractions are in Oklahoma.

Episode 67: Ford Model T

In this episode, we discuss the history of the Model T and share stories of the many ways Oklahomans took advantage of this affordable automobile.

Episode 66: Music

This month, we’re showcasing Oklahomans from across the state that enjoyed playing music for work or leisure.

Episode 65: Defining an Oklahoma Author

In this episode, we're exploring what it means to be an Oklahoma author by highlighting interviews from our Deep Roots: Oklahoma Authors project.

Episode 64: Immigrant Women Artists in Oklahoma

This month, we'll hear from three artists from very different places who all immigrated to Oklahoma and found their own community. Their stories show the many ways to be an immigrant, a woman, and an artist.

Episode 63: Sister Cities

In this episode, we learn about the formation of the Oklahoma Sister Cities Council, the Sister School Program, and the lasting impacts of the international relationship between Stillwater and Kameoka.

Episode 62: Frank Eaton

This month, we talk about the real man behind the Pistol Pete mascot, Frank Eaton, and how he became the face of OSU.

Episode 61: Politics, Activism, and Art

In this episode, we highlight three Native artists from Oklahoma as they describe the ways in which they have merged art with activism.

Episode 60: Boley High School

This month, we’re reflecting on Boley High School’s impact on the surrounding community.

Episode 59: Neither Snow Nor Rain: Rural Mail in Oklahoma

In this episode, we're sharing stories of rural mail carriers and the communities they serve across Oklahoma.

Episode 58: Finding Community

This month, we explore the history of the OSQ&A student organization, the evolution and reasons behind its many name changes, and the community that it has helped build at OSU.

Episode 57: Health and Healing in Cherokee Art

This month, we explore the connections between art and health by featuring Cherokee artists from our Oklahoma Native Artists Oral History Project.

Episode 56: Pressing the Flesh

In this episode, we highlight women in Oklahoma politics who not only made history with their elections but also changed the way campaigns were done.

Episode 55: 1959 College World Series

In this episode, we’re sharing stories from former players on the 1959 OSU baseball championship team as they recall their experiences during the season and championship game, as well as success that followed many of them after graduation.

Episode 54: Craig v. Boren

This month, we discuss the landmark Supreme Court case Craig v. Boren, led by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and its impact on gender equality across the nation.

Episode 53: Masks in the Dust Bowl

In this episode, we feature memories of the Dust Bowl era and the many ways people fought to protect against the dirt, as well as the need for perseverance and community ties to endure during uncertain times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 52: Sea of Orange Wings - Monarchs in Oklahoma

This month, we discuss monarch butterflies and the important role Oklahoma plays in the conservation of these insects.

Episode 51: Home under the Big Top

In this episode of Amplified Oklahoma, we explore the lives of the circus performers of Hugo, Oklahoma as they describe the different shapes, sizes, and ideas of what home means to them.

Episode 50: Women in STEM

In this episode, we listen to stories of women who broke barriers and paved the way for others in STEM fields.

Episode 49: Far from Home

In this episode, we share stories of long journeys and new sights. We'll hear stories of travel due to war, education, or better opportunities, and be reminded of the big world that’s still out there during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 48: Booker T. Washington School

This month on Amplified Oklahoma, we’re highlighting the legacy of Booker T. Washington School and its impact on the African American community in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Episode 47: Anthrax in Oklahoma

In this episode, we’re exploring the 1957 anthrax outbreak in Oklahoma, which affected thousands of animals and even spread to humans in and around the state.

Episode 46: MeetCute: Love Stories from OSU's LGBTQ+ Community

This month, we're exploring the stories of LGBTQ+ Oklahomans who found love in the state and beyond.

Episode 45: Till Death Do Us Part

This episode is all about love as we attempt to discover the secret to a long and lasting marriage by highlighting three couples married for over 70 years.

Episode 44: Before the Plague - Stories of coming out and coming to terms with AIDS

In this episode, we share the stories of LGBT+ Oklahomans and their experiences in the AIDS epidemic.

Episode 43: Norma Howard on Native Art

This month on Amplified Oklahoma, we’re exploring Choctaw-Chickasaw artist Norma Howard’s art and life and the importance of documenting Native American art across the state of Oklahoma.

Episode 42: Doel Reed and Southwest Art in Taos, New Mexico

In this episode, we explore the legacy of Doel and Martha Reed on campus and in the worlds of southwestern art and fashion.

Episode 41: OSU Activism in the 1960s

This month on Amplified Oklahoma, we’re exploring Oklahoma State University's involvement in the political activism of the 1960s by featuring excerpts from members of the Friday Afternoon Tea and Glee Society, a politically active student organization during the 1960s.

Episode 40: Gay Bravery

This month, we're highlighting the bravery, perseverance, and actions of OSU alumni, faculty, and staff and the moments that shaped their lives, worldviews, and communities.

Episode 39: Women on the Home Front

In this episode, we explore the many ways women supported the war effort during World War II.

Episode 38: Angie Debo

This month, we’re looking at the legacy of "Oklahoma's Greatest Historian" Dr. Angie Debo and her incredible career as an author, historian, and pioneering female scholar.

Episode 37: OSU in Ethiopia

In this episode, we’re talking about an Emperor, a President, and the relationship between OSU and Ethiopia’s first university.

Episode 36: Normalcy in the Dust Bowl

This month, we're exploring the "normal" everyday lives of people who persevered in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl.

Episode 35: Dragonfly

In this episode, we explore the history of Dragonfly, OSU's annual drag show, and how the LGBT student experience has changed on campus.

Episode 34: OSU Trailblazers

This month on Amplified Oklahoma, we’re listening to the stories of trailblazing women of color that attended Oklahoma State University.

Episode 33: Advice from Centenarians

This month, we're highlighting the lives of centenarians and sharing their secrets to success and longevity to help you with your New Year’s resolutions.

Episode 32: Christmas on the Farm

In this episode, we’re exploring the traditions and hard work that make up the holiday season on the farm.

Episode 31: Women in the Military

This month, we're celebrating Veterans Day by highlighting the career of Rita Aragon, Oklahoma's first female Brigadier General.

Episode 30: Homecoming

This month, we’re preparing for “America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration” by listening to the memories and experiences of OSU alumni during Homecoming.

Episode 29: OSU Football

In this episode, we’re going through the history of OSU football program and its ups and downs over the years.

Episode 28: Freshman Year

This month, we’re headed back to freshman year--looking at the good, the bad, the shared, and the unique experiences of freshmen at OSU.

Episode 27: Hitchin' a Ride

This month, we’re getting a ride back in time and looking at the practice of hitchhiking to and from the OSU-Stillwater campus.

Episode 26: Living with the Dust Bowl

In this episode, we explore daily life during the Dust Bowl in 1930s Oklahoma.

Episode 25: Glass House Restaurant

This month’s episode takes us to Vinita, Oklahoma, to explore one of Oklahoma’s own wonders, the Glass House Restaurant.

Episode 24: Remembering Cordell Hall

In this episode, we’re looking back on the legacy of Cordell Hall at Oklahoma State University.

Episode 23: Circus Performers

This month, we’re learning more about some of the artists who bring the circus to life.

Episode 22: Attucks School

This episode explores the legacy of Attucks School, which served the African American residents of Vinita, Oklahoma, in the 1900s.

Episode 21: Dick West’s Impact on Native Art

This month’s episode features the impact of Cheyenne artist Dick West on the lives of his Bacone College students, including Sharron Ahtone Harjo and Joan Hill.

Episode 20: If Only There Were a Pill We Could Give People

This month's episode explores the Korean War and its lasting impact on those who served.

Episode 19: Chilocco Military Veterans

In this episode, we're featuring Chilocco Indian School military veterans.

Episode 18: Cemeteries

In this episode, we’re delving underground in the Oklahoma towns of Hugo and Okeene to explore cemeteries.

Episode 17: Pistol Pete

This month’s episode features Pistol Pete and the students who bring the legend to life.

Episode 16: Sam the Alligator

This month's episode follows the adventures of Sam the Alligator, the lone tenant of OSU's Theta Pond in the 1950s.

Episode 15: Phi Beta Kappa

This month's episode, we're exploring the history behind Phi Beta Kappa at Oklahoma State University.

Episode 14: Women in the Legal Profession

This month's episode, we're discussing some of the challenges faced by women who work in the legal profession.

Episode 13: A Bull in the Elevator

This month's episode features the story of Jimbo the bull and how memory and experiences play into oral history.

Episode 12: Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel

In honor of National Poetry Month, this episode is about the life and works of poet Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel.

Episode 11: Health & Wellness

This month's episode features health, wellness, and physical education in Oklahoma.

Episode 10: Boley, Oklahoma

In this episode, we'll learn about the history of Boley, Oklahoma, once the largest and wealthiest historically black town in America, and hear oral history interview excerpts with two Boley residents.

Episode 9: Folk Dancing

This episode is all about folk dancing. We'll hear oral history interview excerpts with centenarian Jimmy Ray and former square dance caller Donald Banks. In addition, Dr. Louise Siddons from OSU's Department of Art, Graphic Design, and Art History will join us to talk about contra dancing.

Episode 8: Oklahoma Holiday Memories

This episode is all about the holiday season as we feature five short oral history excerpts about Christmas during the Great Depression in Oklahoma.

Episode 7: Women in Oklahoma Politics

In this episode, we'll hear interviews from two former Oklahoma politicians, Vicki Miles-LaGrange and Hannah Atkins, and talk about campaigning, election night, and their inauguration into office.

Episode 6: Germans in Oklahoma

In this episode, we're focusing on the lives of three German-American women and their experiences in Germany and Oklahoma.

Episode 5: From the Belly of Our Being

In this episode, we're talking about Native art and the exhibition From the Belly of Our Being: art by and about Native creation at the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art.

Episode 4: Friendship

In this episode, we'll hear from two Oklahoma politicians, Lisa Johnson Billy and Anastasia Pittman, and learn how friendship impacted their lives and political campaigns.

Episode 3: The Centenarian Play

In this episode, we're focusing on how the OSU Library transformed the Oklahoma 100 Year Life Oral History Project into "The Centenarian Play."

Episode 2: Love

In this episode, we're exploring love! Join us as we take a look at some unique Oklahoma love stories.

Episode 1: Tornadoes in Oklahoma

In this episode, we're talking tornadoes. May is typically an active weather month in Oklahoma. Devastating storms such as the May 3, 1999 and May 20, 2013 tornadoes will be explored.

Episode 0: Introducing Amplified Oklahoma

In this episode, we introduce you to the OSU Library's latest podcast, Amplified Oklahoma.