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Susana Perea-Fox

Author and Editor of "En su voz: vidas, cuentos e historias de morelenses"

February 7, 2023

Dr. Susana Perea-Fox is a Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature at the Department of Languages and Literatures at Oklahoma State University. She has published three books before entitled "Elena Garro y los rostros del poder" (2007), "Historias, mitos y leyendas de la Laguna Blanca, Neuquén, Argentina" (2011), and, along with Dr. Margarita Peraza-Rugeley, an essay collection entitled "Descifrando Latinoamérica: género, violencia y testimonio" (2018). Her latest book is entitled "En su voz: vidas, cuentos e historias de morelenses" (2022), based on histories and legends told by women of the state of Morelos, México. She has published numerous articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries, mainly analyzing the works of women authors and the representation of women by all authors. She also publishes short stories and poetry.

This collection of oral histories includes accounts of lives, customs, traditions and beliefs told from the point of view of inhabitants of the state of Morelos. They are narrated legends, myths, ancient beliefs, and a diversity of knowledge that are still preserved in the memory and customs of the people. The texts highlight the intergenerational transmission processes and channels of reproduction of popular and family memory. This collection allows us to know from their own voice the feelings and thoughts of these rapporteurs about their lives, and to appreciate the feelings and emotions that accompanied them. Each narration is significant, enriches our heritage, our diversity, and shows us the complexity of the human being. The texts recognize alterity, assess the effect these stories had on common people and in their communities, and makes known the way in which such events are remembered and processed. These texts seek their audience among American, Latin American, Mexican and other scholars interested in oral traditions in the world. With "In her voice: lives, tales and stories of Morelenses" culminates one of the goals of Susana Perea-Fox, that of giving the voice to marginalized communities.


Last Updated: 9 February 2023