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Edmon Low Library

Neo Kalungu-Banda

Author of "INSPIRED: The stories within and around us"

February 7, 2023

Neo Kalungu-Banda is a Zambian who was born in South Africa and grew up in the UK. He is a Psychology student studying at the University of Leicester and is currently studying at Oklahoma State University on an exchange program. He has written a book called ‘INSPIRED’. ‘INSPIRED’ is based on the theme of inspiration and is about inspirational people, places, events and life stories from the young author’s life. Neo published ‘INSPIRED’ at 19-years-old. He is passionate about writing, football, coaching and mentoring young people and listening to other people’s stories. He also has an interest in human psychology.

'INSPIRED' is a book about inspiration. It is about inspirational people, places, events and life stories. The author, Neo Kalungu-Banda, tries to make use of all the people that have inspired him in his young life so far. He writes about their stories and how they became successful in their specific industries diving deep into the tactics and strategies they used to become successful people. Neo also writes about his own personal experiences throughout his life, times where people can learn from him. Towards the end of every chapter, he sums up the main lessons from it and tries to teach it to the reader for them to apply these same philosophies and lessons in their own life. Reader exercises have been placed at the end of many chapters for the reader to engage with and reflect upon. These exercises involve up to three different questions that the reader can ask themself and reflect upon. The aim of these exercises is for the reader to begin reflecting on the lessons that they have learned about in the chapter they have read and how they can apply these lessons to their own life.


Last Updated: 7 February 2023