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Edmon Low Library

Moh'd Bilbeisi

Author of "Creative Journeys"

February 6, 2023

Moh'd Bilbeisi is an imaginative professor, visionary and illustrator. He is an award-winning educator and illustrator. His students have won numerous national and international architectural design competitions under his direction in the design studio. He is also the recipient of many national and international awards in drawing and illustration, the most noted of which is the Kirby Lockard, the KRob Delineation Competition and the ASAI’s International Competition. He had solo exhibitions in the US, Turkey, Jordan, and the UAE. Moh’d is also a noted author of several books. His illustrations have appeared in in numerous publications, books and journal ads.

This book contains timeless and universal strategies for traveling with goals and purpose. It is written and illustrated as a resource for anyone involved with travel and creativity. Creative people aspire to travel well and gain deep insight and experience while journeying. Likewise, most people experience the profound intersection of travel and creativity as they take time to observe and experience creative work such as art, sculpture and architecture. Both ancient and modern historical accounts cast light on creative journeys and the strategies that make them exceptionally meaningful. Written and illustrated as a resource for anyone who desires deeper travel engagement, "Creative Journeys" uses histories, concepts and practices to shape and inform your journey.


Last Updated: 6 February 2023