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Edmon Low Library

Mendy Stewart

Author of "Loxie, The Wonder Beagle"

February 7, 2023

After 20 years in public education, Mendy Stewart has recently published her first children's book. Mendy believes that using children's literature is important for teaching students of all ages. Excellent educators who use children's books in their classrooms enlighten their students with more than curriculum connections, they offer the gift of a read aloud and ignite creativity. Mendy is so proud to be part of Oklahoma State University. She began serving as a Student Teaching Supervisor in 2018 and has taught as an Adjunct Instructor since 2021. She appreciates the opportunity to share "Loxie, the Wonder Beagle" with OSU!

Once upon a time there was a beagle named Loxie. Loxie loved to explore and sometimes it got her into trouble! Follow Loxie on her adventures and see where her curiosity takes her!


Last Updated: 2 March 2023