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Edmon Low Library

Jay Dawes

Author of "The Complete Guide to TRX Suspension Training 2nd ed."

February 6, 2023

Jay Dawes is an Associate Professor of Applied Exercise Science at Oklahoma State University. Dawes has worked as a university athletic performance coordinator, strength/performance coach, personal trainer, and educator for approximately 25 years. He also frequently coaches and provides sports science support to numerous elite and professional teams, as well as law enforcement, fire, and military groups. His primary research interests are focused on improving the health, fitness, and human performance for the tactical athletes/first responders, as well as sport athletes. Dawes has a broad background in strength and conditioning, with specific training and expertise in training and conditioning methods for athletes and first responders.

Approved and endorsed by TRX®, the global leader in functional training products, programming, and education, "The Complete Guide to TRX®Suspension Training®, Second Edition," is the authoritative resource on safe, effective and optimal use of Suspension Training® and programming. Written by renowned strength and conditioning expert Dr. Jay Dawes, the book offers 100 exercises, 40 variations, and 24 ready-to-use programs designed to take your workouts to unprecedented levels. The second edition is packed with full-color photos, demonstrating how to perform each exercise, as well as 14 assessments to help determine fitness level and gauge training progress.


Last Updated: 6 February 2023