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Edmon Low Library

Eric Turcat

Author of "Négocier Sa Liberté Sous L'ancien Régime" & "L'argent Du Libertinage"

February 7, 2023

Eric Turcat is a lecturer at Oklahoma State University. He is the author of La Rochefoucauld par quatre chemins (Narr, 2013) as well as about twenty articles on the classical period, particularly on Molière and Voltaire. He is also the editor of L'argent du libertinage, a collective work also published in the L'Orizzonte collection (L'Harmattan, 2021) where he will publish this fall the first translation into English of the collection of Dotolian poetry, Chance Freedom.

From scientific liberties taken by alchemists (Denis Augier) and anatomists (Kathryn Hoffmann) to the literary licentiousness of comic (María García) and erotic (Michèle Rosellini) novels, not to mention the relative license of expression granted to showmen (Guy Spielmann), travelers (Ioana Manea) and other lexicographers (Isabelle Turcan), freedom under the Old Regime continued to fluctuate between political utopia (Denis Grélé) and economic fantasy (Eric Turcat) before the cohabitation with revolutionary equality and fraternity (Giovanni Dotoli). Read more in "Négocier Sa Liberté Sous L'ancien Régime".

Can one be a libertine without having the means? From the decadent nobility of the Great Century to the upstart bourgeoisie of the revolutions, passing through the upstart half-world of the Enlightenment, money plays a crucial role everywhere, even when it metamorphoses into a Via Crucis. Read more in "L'argent Du Libertinage". 


Last Updated: 8 March 2023