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Chyla Rucker

Curriculum Director of "Principles of Passenger Vehicle Extrication, 5th Edition"

February 7, 2023

Chyla Rucker is an instructional developer at Fire Protection Publications. Chyla has a background in higher education, trade education, and journalism. She earned both her bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism and her master's degree in Urban Education from Langston University. Her experience includes many years working in public relations, print journalism as a writer and graphic designer, and teaching office administration trade skills to nontraditional learners. Chyla is a proud native of Guthrie, OK. She is the owner and operator of C+C Eatery in Guthrie which she runs with the help of her daughter, Chloe, brother, and parents. Chyla enjoys curriculum development and is happy working in a profession that she finds exciting and rewarding.

IFSTA’s Principles of Passenger Vehicle Extrication, 5th Edition, provides rescue personnel with an understanding of the current challenges, techniques, skills and equipment available for the safe and effective extrication of victims trapped in passenger vehicles. This manual teaches passenger vehicle extrication in three levels of capability by orientation or vehicle position and follows the same linear sequence a rescuer will encounter at a vehicle extrication incident from size-up through disentanglement. Now as a standalone book without heavy vehicle extrication, this manual includes changes in chapter contents, concepts taught, best practices followed, new skill sheets and new steps in performing skills so it is more usable by the student and instructor. This textbook is appropriate for firefighters, law enforcement personnel, Emergency Medical Services personnel, industrial and transportation emergency response members, public works and utility employees, military responders, and rescue personnel.


Last Updated: 9 February 2023