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Edmon Low Library

Angel Muzik

Curriculum Developer of "Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention, 1st Edition"

February 7, 2023

Angel Muzik has been an instructional developer at Fire Protection Publications since 2014. Before that, she worked as an educator for Stillwater Public Schools and the OSU College of Education. She earned both her bachelor's in Elementary Education and a master’s in Educational Technology from OSU, so she’s orange and black, through and through...

Written by Don Porth and in partnership with the National Fire Academy (NFA) and Vision 20/20, the first edition of Fire Protection Publication’s Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention will equip interventionists and program managers with the tools needed to create, implement, and evaluate a Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention program. The first six chapters of the book are for the interventionist while the last two chapters speak directly to the program manager.


Last Updated: 13 March 2023