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Edmon Low Library

South Lobby

The south lobby is a popular location for information booths hosted by OSU-affiliated groups. The space may be reserved by one or more group during the Library's regular operating hours. Approval or denial of requests will follow established university library policies and will include consideration of possible disruption of normal Library activities.

Responsibility of the Users

  • Submit request no less than 2 weeks prior to the event date.
  • Ensuring that noise does not go beyond the general area of the South Lobby.
  • Not blocking the flow of traffic to and from the exits.
  • Accepting responsibility for any injuries to persons or damages to the facility, and any cleaning.
  • Removing items brought in no more than one hour after the published end of the event.

Failure to Carry Out Responsibilities

Any individual or group failing to carry out these responsibilities may be denied further use of the South Lobby and may incur charges related to damages or staff time.

Questions regarding appropriate use of the South Lobby should be directed to