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Kak, Subhash

Regents Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

College: Engineering, Architecture and Technology


Subhash Kak is Regents Professor at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. Born in Srinagar, Kashmir, he was educated at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. His current research is in the theories of neural networks and quantum information. He has also worked on archaeoastronomy and written on history of science and on art. He is listed in MIT’s Pantheon Project as one of the world’s leading computer scientists.

His main technical contributions are to the fields of information theory, cryptography, quantum theory, and neural networks. He is the inventor of an instantaneously trained neural network that has applications in artificial intelligence. He coined the term quantum neural computing which is a theory of consciousness that is partly classical and partly quantum. In this theory, neural networks do conscious and pre-conscious processing whereas the virtual particles associated with the quantum dynamics of the brain are the ground for the unconscious. This work as well as a resolution of the twin paradox of relativity theory has received considerable attention in the popular press.

He has made the surprising discovery that the ancient Indians knew that the sun and the moon are approximately 108 times their respective diameters from the earth. This knowledge was coded into temple architecture, in the 108 poses of classical dance, and the 108 prayer beads of the rosary. His work has been showcased in the popular media including Discovery and History channels, PBS, Dutch Public TV, and in a documentary on music called Raga Unveiled. His writings on the philosophy of mind show how recursion plays a fundamental role in art, music and aesthetics.

He is the author of twenty books which include six books of verse.
His awards include British Council Fellow (1976), Science Academy Medal of the Indian National Science Academy (1977), Kothari Prize (1977), UNDP Tokten Award (1986), Goyal Prize (1998), National Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study (2001), and Distinguished Alumnus of IIT Delhi (2002).

Areas of Interest

  • Computer engineering
  • Computer science
  • Cryptography
  • Quantum theory
  • Neural networks
  • History of science and technology
  • Archaeoastronomy


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Contact Information

Kak, Subhash
310 Engineering South
Oklahoma State University

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Kak, Subhash
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Kak, Subhash