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Edmon Low Library

Reserves & Textbooks

The Reserves and Microforms Department is responsible for providing access to the Library's collection of textbooks. We provide access to reserve materials such as books and articles requested by faculty and instructors to support their classes. Reserves and Microforms also houses materials the Library has purchased in a microformat (microfilm, microfiche, micro opaque cards or aperture cards), and we provide the capability to digitize these materials. Accompanying materials for books (CDs, floppy disks or DVDs) which were included in books are kept in the Reserves and Microform Room. We also have a small collection of DVDs and films or videos which were requested by faculty for their classes.

What we do:

  • Maintain a collection of currently-used textbooks that cost more than $90. These books are available for 2-hour checkouts.
  • Maintain access to a collection of supporting books and articles as requested by class instructors
  • Provide access to the Library's collection of microfilm, etc.
  • Maintain a small collection of films and videos
  • Maintain accompanying material which were included in purchased books

Department Staff

Austin, Shannon
Bryson, Eric

Contact Information

Reserves & Textbooks
105 Library
Edmon Low Library
Stillwater, OK 74078
P: 405-744-6312