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Edmon Low Library

Dean's Excellence Award for Student Assistants

Each spring, every unit/department of the OSU Library is invited to nominate one or more students for the Dean's Excellence Award. Award winners have consistently demonstrated meritorious performance.

The number of awards available for each unit will be announced by the Dean in February. A unit may select fewer students for the award than allotment if the department does not have enough qualifying students

In addition to a certificate, they will receive a cash award of $125 through regular payroll channels from the Friends of the OSU Library and will be recognized at the Spring ELLSA meeting.


  • The student must have worked at the Library at least two complete semesters, summer semester not included.
  • Selector must provide two specific examples of meritorious work/tasks done by the individual selected for the award.
  • Individuals selected will be submitted to the department head and, in turn, to the appropriate associate dean for approval.
  • Individuals selected for the Dean's Excellence Award will comprise the pool for the Dr. James B. and Verena J. Wise Outstanding Student Assistant Award.
  • If a student assistant selected for the Dean's Award leaves the employment of the Library prior to the ELLSA Awards program, he/she will not receive the Dean's Excellence Award and will not be eligible for the Wise Award.
  • Huik Wunn "Catherine" See Outstanding Student Shelver Award will be incorporated in the Dean's Excellence Student Assistant Award.
  • Materials submitted for Dean's Excellence Awards for Student Assistants will be used for selection of Wise award winners.

Past Award Winners include


  • Sabrina Bailey, DRDS
  • Tatiana Chatman, DRDS
  • Molly Day, Ambassadors
  • Justin Duewall, Stacks Maintenance
  • Amit Gijare, Access Services
  • Lauren Gray, OOHRP
  • Journei Green, Access Services
  • Paige Hopkins, Archives
  • Sammie Jackson, Stacks Maintenance
  • Ben Jessell, Archives
  • Madeline Layland, Architecture Library
  • Audrey McKenzie, Circulation
  • Chelsea McQuigg, Access Services
  • Corey Rhees, Government Documents
  • Monica Rodriguez-West, Security
  • Fazelahmed Shaikh, Access Services
  • Hannah Shannon, Access Services
  • Zechariah Shrum, DRDS
  • Sammi Simon, DRDS
  • Ben Strickfaden, Security
  • Emilee Suntken, Access Services
  • Arianna Walton, Education and Teaching Library


  • Cameron Bastarache, Stacks
  • Laura Brown, DRDS/Scanning
  • Jeylon Burkhalter, Circulation
  • Tianna Carter, Circulation
  • Leanna Elkins, RLS
  • Michael Gulley, Security
  • Vinay Gummadi, Cirulation
  • Elizabeth Hall, CVHS
  • Tyler Hinds, Security
  • Lauren Kennison, Circulation
  • Tasha Lilburn, ILL
  • Mercedes Mace, Archives
  • Christine Manglicmot, Stacks
  • Audrey McKenzie, Circulation
  • Amrita Patil, Security
  • Corey Rhees, Government Documents
  • Bradley Rowan, ILL
  • Carissa Sanders, DRDS/Cataloging
  • Victoria Sanders, Circulation
  • Sarah Sauer, RLS
  • Zechariah Schrum, DRDS/Scanning
  • Sierra Schupp, Security
  • Ben Strickfaden, Security
  • Alex Underwood, DRDS/Metadata
  • Arianna Walton, ETL


  • Jerald Gassner, DRDS/Cataloging
  • Sabra "Paige" Hopkins, SCUA
  • Colton Jones, Circulation
  • Jordan Laesch, SCUA
  • Kennade Long, Access Services
  • Cecilia Maldonado, Access Services
  • Fahad Al Neama, Architecture Library
  • Erin Pearce, DRDS/Scanning Dept. and Cataloging
  • Jenna Neece, OOHRP
  • Garrett Parks, Stacks Management
  • Whitney Peterson, CVHS Library
  • Merl Pritchard, ETL
  • Bradly Rowan, Interlibrary Services
  • Sarah Sauer, Undergraduate Instruction and Outreach
  • Zechariah Shrum, DRDS/Scanning Dept. and Catalogining
  • Amanda Thomas, Map Room
  • Courtney Vineyard, DRDS/Scanning Dept. and Cataloging
  • Madison Warlick, OOHRP
  • Brandon Wilson, Access Services/Circulation Information
  • Kristen Zacharias, Government Documents


  • Laura Brown, DLS/Scanning
  • Brittany George, Access Services
  • Kendall Golden, Government Documents
  • Pardeep Kumar, Security
  • Mollie Selman, CML
  • Luke Spencer, ILS
  • Matthew Trudel, Access Services
  • Max Vowell, Veterinary Health Sciences
  • Daniel Wang, Security
  • Lauryn Wrobbel, Access Services


  • Wendy Hines, Map Room
  • Zachary Scott, CML
  • Brittany George, Circulation
  • Jo Beth Wasicek, OOHRP
  • Crystal Wood, Circulation
  • Janel Lamar, Security
  • Sara Williams, Architecture Library
  • Cody Goforth, Security
  • Adam Murphy, SCUA
  • Marisha Grayson, Acces Services/MMR
  • Erin Pearson Jepson, Government Documents
  • Kelsey Ryan, Stack Management
  • Annalise Stukenborg, Acquisitions/Bindery


  • Jill Arnold, Vet Med Library
  • Savannah Evanoff, Documents
  • Adam Evans, Oral Histories
  • Julia “Kathleen” Fell, Architecture Library
  • Cody Goforth, Security
  • Kaitlyn Gregg, Security
  • Kayleigh Jordan, CML
  • Tabby Kister, Circulation
  • Yung Lam, DLS
  • Amanda McCrossen, SCUA
  • Emily Nielsen, Dean’s Office
  • Travis Payne, MMR
  • Amber Spicer, SCUA
  • Annalise Stukenborg, Cataloging
  • Matthew Trudel, Circulation
  • Jeremy Willis, Circulation
  • Lauryn Wrobbel, Circulation


  • Reagan Barrera, ILS
  • Anna Davis, SCUA
  • Kristen Davis, Pickens Project
  • Christopher DeGeorge, Bindery
  • Sarah Fry, Vet Med Library
  • Coty Reis, Gov. Docs
  • Brian Smith, Dean’s Office
  • Sara Stafford, Map Room


  • Caitlyn Hope Morgan, Pickens Archival Team
  • Caramie Engle, Architecture Library
  • Caleb Goodman, Interlibrary Services
  • Cameron Pearce, Circulation
  • Chamonix Morejon, Bindery
  • Brooke Bulling, Interlibrary Services
  • Christopher Kwake, MMR
  • Cherish Scott, MMR
  • Lydia Meador, Government Documents
  • Kelsey Sievers, SCUA
  • Taylor Gelsinger, Access Services
  • Stormy Crabtree, SCUA
  • Rachel Pittman, Vet Med


  • Allyson Caldwell, Veterinary Medicine
  • Brittnee Cooks, CML
  • Anna Davis, SCUA
  • Sean Hails, Stack Maintenance
  • Courtney Kroutter, MMR
  • Tyler Merriman, Dean’s Office
  • Javed Nayjar Patel, Circulation
  • Nathan Rickner, Security
  • Amy Storts, Government Documents
  • Paige Veazey, Circulation