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Student Laptop Expectations

By signing the statement of responsibility you agree to abide by the following policies and procedures:

Checkout, Renewals, Fines

  • Laptop checkout = 5 hours.
  • Laptops can be renewed for an additional 5 hours or until 30 minutes before the library closes (whichever comes first).
  • If we are on a waiting list we cannot honor your laptop renewal request.
  • Laptops must be renewed by phone or in person. Patrons renewing in person must bring the laptop to the circulation desk in order for a renewal to be placed (we must physically see the laptop and mark the new due time on the blue slip or record the information on the phone renewal sheet).
  • Please allow yourself plenty of time to call in when renewing your laptop in order to avoid a late fee. If there are patrons at the circulation desk, workers are instructed not to answer the phone until all patrons at the desk are assisted.
  • No student laptop may be checked out overnight.
  • After 5 hours, laptop fines begin to accumulate at the rate of 50 cents per minute ($30 per hour).
  • Because of the generous length of time a laptop can be checked out there are very few acceptable reasons that would justify repealing a late fee. It is your responsibility for keeping track of the time. You can always turn the laptop in early.


  • Return the laptop and peripherals to a circulation desk worker.
  • Do not leave the laptop on the counter and walk away from it until you have been acknowledged by a circulation desk worker.
  • You must wait in line for your turn in order to return your laptop. Do not cut in front of others waiting in line to drop off your laptop.
  • Please allow yourself plenty of time to return your laptop and avoid a late fee in case the lines at the circulation desk are long.
  • Please shut down the laptop and re-wrap all cords before returning them to the circulation desk.

Use, Misuse

  • Laptops can leave the library as long as they are returned on time.
  • Laptops can access the OSU IT Wireless network on campus.
  • Laptops can access all library catalogs, indexes, and databases.
  • Laptops can access your personal H: drive as well as the Desire 2 Learn site.
  • Do not save materials to the laptop that you wish to keep. Laptops re-image themselves automatically when the system is shut down or loses power. All work in progress or work saved to the computer will be erased and lost forever.
  • Backup all important materials to an external storage device (flash drive, CD, H: drive, etc.).
  • Any damage to the machine must be reported to a circulation desk worker upon return of the system. Failure to do so may cause your
  • account to be billed for the repair or replacement of the laptop.