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Library Futures Series

Series Speakers

Dan Russell, Search Research Scientist, Google
"The Future of Learning: How will people learn the skills they need for academe, work and life?"
Feb. 3, 2017

Brianna Marshall, Research Data Services Chair, University of Wisconsin-Madison
April 7, 2016

Anne Kenney, University Librarian, Cornell
"From Defining 21st Century Research Libraries to Implementing 21st Century Research Universities"
April 9, 2015

Mark Sandler, Director, Center for Library Initiatives
"Building the Library of the Future: One click at a time"
Nov. 18, 2014

John Reimer, Head of Cataloging and Metadata Center, UCLA Library
"Living Up to One's Digital Potential in a Traditional Cataloging Unit"
May 14, 2014

Rick Luce, Dean of Libraries, University of Oklahoma
April 23, 2014

Karen Williams, Dean of Libraries, University of Arizona
"New Roles for New Times: Transforming liaison roles in research libraires"
March 11, 2014

Rick Anderson, Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources & Collections, University of Utah
"Crystal Balls and Kaleidoscopes: Handicapping the Future of Libraries and Scholarly Publishing"
Nov. 21, 2013

Environmental Scan Work Group
May 7, 2013

Spires of Excellence Work Group
April 10, 2013

Brinley Franklin, Vice Provost University of Connecticut Libraries
“The Recent Past, The Present, and Possible Library Futures”
March 5, 2013

Kim Duckett, NCSU Libraries, & Rachel VacekHead of Design & Discovery at the University of Michigan Library
"NCSU Libraries Student Spaces Learning: Our present and very near future"
Nov. 13, 2012

Joan Lippincott, Coalition for Networked Information
Active and Engaged Learning: Libraries, Curriculum, Technologies, Services & Spaces"
Oct. 23, 2012

Rush Miller,  Hillman University Librarian and Director, University Library System, University of Pittsburgh 
"The Academic Research Library: Imperatives for change"
& Brian Schottlaender, Univeristy Librarian, UC San Diego
"Data Curation: Challenges and opportunities"
Sept 26, 2012